Sunday, 13 July 2014

100 Happy Days - Day 5

Exciting news new couch has arrived.

I recently bought a couch, only to find that the material I had chosen was on back order and would cause a delay with the arrival time.

For me not too much of a big deal, what will be will be, but still a bit of double handling on my behalf. We are moving into a new house and I am trying to co-ordinate the delivery of new furniture as well as the donation and delivery of old furniture.   A delay with my new couch would have meant a slight inconvenience,  the old couch would need to be moved to the new house, then removed and delivered elsewhere once the new one arrived, not a huge problem really in the scale of things.

Imagine my surprise when the store called and said that everything had worked out and my couch will be ready on time, happy days!

Here's to hassle free moving.