Sunday, 24 March 2013

Onesiephobia - a new word for the oxford dictionary

I, like most am prone to the odd, weird, random thought.  For some its probably an intermittent occurrence, for me its daily.  My mind is weird and I'm ok with that.  Unfortunately I find that once that weird thought has entered my mind, well there's no going back, I simply can't stop thinking the thought, no matter how ridiculous it may be.

For example.  At the moment on TV, Target are running ads for "onesies", those all in one pyjamas.

I watched the ad the other night and immediately my mind decides that these fan-dangled pyjamas scare me, what happens if the "call of nature" urgently arises?  I would hate to be stuck in my onsies, not being able to get out and instead share my onesies with a onesie or a twosie! 

Now the more coherent mind, would of course scoff at this thought, note a logical, sound solution and immediately be done with it.  But not me!  Nightly I see the ad and nightly I think the same weird, random thought over and over again.  I mentioned my new found "onesiephobia" (yes this is a real word, I am writing to Oxford as you read) on facebook and the whole toileting trouble I had observed and the sheer terror I felt, to have a kindly soul point out the whole "bum flap" solution installed in onesies (much to my relief.).

So, equipped my new found coping mechanism for my ever so recently acquired onesiephobia, I sit and wait for the next ad to venture forth and it did.    But alas, my mind "goes to town", I end up with a mental picture that no-one needs to see.   Me stuck on the toilet floor in some sort of over-twisted yoga pose, "bum flap" securely closed and bladder control almost lost..........oh the sheer terror of it all.

I think it's safe to say, I will not be venturing down to Target in the near future to buy a pair of onesies and come to think of it, I guess I won't be receiving a call from them either to assist with their next ad campaign!


Saturday, 16 March 2013

St Pats = Memories of Grandad

Today is St Pats Day, for most its a day full of fun and merriment, mischief and all round "Irish Craic", for me its a day tinged with sadness as I remember my grandad. 

After a long and brave battle with prostate cancer, grandad died on St Pats Day 10 years ago today.  At the time I was heavily pregnant with my first child.  Grandad died knowing that our first born was to be a boy and his middle name was Max (named in his memory).  I still clearly remember the utter heartbreak and sadness I felt knowing that my brave, strong grandad was never going to meet the newest member of the McIntyre Clan. 

Grandad was a gentle giant (over 6ft tall), he was calm, kind, peaceful and very proud of his scottish heritage.  A quiet man, never "over the top" with affection, but all of us grandchildren knew we were loved.

Like anyone who is or was close to their grandad, I have a head and heart full of wonderful cherished memories and I will spend my quiet moments of calm today remembering them, all with a smile on my face and a tear or two in my eyes.

                                                                    For a Grandad,

                                                      never forgotten and always missed

                                                         soraidh, sl├án, beannachd leat

Friday, 15 March 2013

New to the Blogging Scene

So after a gentle nudge from a dear friend (thanks go out to her xxx) I find myself here new to the blogging world and here goes:

I used strongly believe that my personal happiness and success was measured by how far I went in the business world.  It's amazing what a few more years of hanging around this world do to clear your head and set yourself straight.  I have had 5 years now away from the corporate ladder (really didn't get that high) and I haven't missed it a bit.  Whilst I am no longer interested in business management, human resourcing, budget forecasts and team leading, I have, however realised that there is a certain level of responsibility that I crave and enjoy. With my youngest child recently settled into Prep, the urge to take on more responsibility has become apparent (weird I know, you'd think I would want to relax!) and its time to do something about it. 

So today starts off like any other day...wake up, good morning greetings, kisses and cuddles for sleepy heads, shower, dress in suitable work attire (no high heals thanks to a new leg injury), lunches made and packed, breakfast eaten by all and make up done. Me thinking to myself with less than 5 minutes to spare "Phew did that well today", only to realise that little miss 5yo still hasn't had her hair done for school.  Her hair is long (half way down her back) and thick, as a general rule a "more than 5 minute" job....needless to say the morning ends up feeling busy and it's a rush out the door and off to work.

Work today was the scene for my new challenge  -  take on those new responsiblities.  As we all know learning takes time, its a process of watch & listen, put it into practice, perhaps make a few mistakes (I did), get help where necessary (I did, thanks Boss!!), perfect your mistakes, learn from them and then succeed with the task completed correctly...smooth sailing right????  During today's steep learning curve the phones for work crashed, IT were in a frenzy, we in customer service were in a frenzy, customers were in a frenzy and 5.00pm Friday couldn't get here quick enough.  I left work feeling tired and frazzled, but strangely content...My mission to learn and take on new responsibilities and kick the brain up a notch, all achieved.  But with two children to still collect, bags to unpack etc etc, my moments of Zen still seemed miles away.

Like all humans, as I have gotten older I have begun to know myself better.  I now know that no matter what I do each day, one of the most important things that I can do for myself and my ever thinking and busy little mind is to somewhere, somehow find that little moment of peace and calm, to really take that moment, reflect on it, enjoy it and let my mind and body stop and relax!  Today, that moment came in the form of a Dachshund (or as we like to call them in our house "Snitzel Von Krumms").

My son and I went for a walk in the evening, happily walking and talking.  I still hadn't really slowed down and calmed my mind.  Walking and talking, walking and talking and then along came Snitzel!  He was cute, we stopped talking, smiled and looked.   Little legs trotting along, tail wagging, floppy ears jiggling, cute, cute, cute.  We whispered to each other on how cute he was and watching him walk on by.  Big smile on me, big smile on my little boys face  and a big smile on the owners face as he watched us smiling at his cute dog.  Simple happiness shared by 3 complete strangers and one happy little dog.  As I walked along, my son now further along on his scooter, I reflected on that quick moment of shared happiness, calmness and peace today wrapped up and presented in the form of a dog.