Sunday, 24 March 2013

Onesiephobia - a new word for the oxford dictionary

I, like most am prone to the odd, weird, random thought.  For some its probably an intermittent occurrence, for me its daily.  My mind is weird and I'm ok with that.  Unfortunately I find that once that weird thought has entered my mind, well there's no going back, I simply can't stop thinking the thought, no matter how ridiculous it may be.

For example.  At the moment on TV, Target are running ads for "onesies", those all in one pyjamas.

I watched the ad the other night and immediately my mind decides that these fan-dangled pyjamas scare me, what happens if the "call of nature" urgently arises?  I would hate to be stuck in my onsies, not being able to get out and instead share my onesies with a onesie or a twosie! 

Now the more coherent mind, would of course scoff at this thought, note a logical, sound solution and immediately be done with it.  But not me!  Nightly I see the ad and nightly I think the same weird, random thought over and over again.  I mentioned my new found "onesiephobia" (yes this is a real word, I am writing to Oxford as you read) on facebook and the whole toileting trouble I had observed and the sheer terror I felt, to have a kindly soul point out the whole "bum flap" solution installed in onesies (much to my relief.).

So, equipped my new found coping mechanism for my ever so recently acquired onesiephobia, I sit and wait for the next ad to venture forth and it did.    But alas, my mind "goes to town", I end up with a mental picture that no-one needs to see.   Me stuck on the toilet floor in some sort of over-twisted yoga pose, "bum flap" securely closed and bladder control almost lost..........oh the sheer terror of it all.

I think it's safe to say, I will not be venturing down to Target in the near future to buy a pair of onesies and come to think of it, I guess I won't be receiving a call from them either to assist with their next ad campaign!