Friday, 19 September 2014

100 Happy Days - Days 64 - 76

The last 2 weeks for me have been not just busy, but crazy busy.  I find that during times like this I don't always post blogs, use the internet or go on facebook and I'm ok with that. Truth be told I actually find the lack of contact with technology quite relaxing in itself.

Being more than half way through the 100 Happy Days Challenge I can see that it has helped cement behaviours into my normal every day life that I wanted.  The ability and sense to stop and take a moment to realise happiness in what ever form it may appear has become a normal habit and is now second nature.  

So although the last two weeks have been crazy, I know that I have taken the time and enjoyed happy moments and I have found that I feel more thankful for them, I guess I appreciate them more now that my awareness has been switched on.

I am finding that at the end of each day, regardless of how stressful the day may have been, when I lay down in bed and start preparing my body for sleep, my last moments of reflection are a replay of what I felt was the happy moment for the day.

Whether it be remembering the sweet smell of a flower, the love and warmth in my child's smile, or laughter shared with another, falling asleep wrapped up in happiness (and a warm doona), beats stress each and every time.