Thursday, 13 June 2013

Suprised by my own Blog

For the past few weeks we haven't had our laptop at home (it was a tad sick) and whilst this break from technology has allowed me to catch up on a few good books, I have come to a suprising realisation ..........I really enjoy blogging.

When I started blogging I think I may have been a little flippant about it and perhaps didn't put a lot of "indepth" thought into something that at the time I perceived to be just a simple little bit of typing.  It was during the absence of our laptop and not being able to blog that this "itch" arose and I found myself missing my blog. One night as I sat there thinking about blogging and missing the fact that I still couldn't blog, I started to think about why I seemed to be missing it so much. 

As I thought back to each blog I had written (which at this stage isn't too many), I thought about how I felt as I was sitting there typing, correcting, rewording and then ultimately posting my end result and I surprised myself with the answer.  Blogging to me has become a wonderful tool for self expression (der I hear you say), but not only that, I have found that the whole process has also become a newly found relaxation tool.

I tend to blog at the end of my working week (yeah a bit of a creature of habit) it's usually late at night, the TV is off, the house is warm and cosy, I have two children safely and soundly asleep and hubby is usually watching footy.  I happily type away in my own quiet and peaceful little world, post my blog and before I know it I'm off to bed feeling tired and very relaxed.

After a week of running around like crazy, working, picking up kids, driving to and from basketball, squashing in gym and personal training sessions and all the usual day to day buzz that seems to come along, blogging has allowed me to cap it all off peacefully, unwind, reflect and relax and I've got to say this is something I never thought a simple writing outlet would ever do.