Saturday, 6 July 2013

A Good Old Belly Laugh

There's nothing better in life than a good old belly laugh, but no I am not about to join "laughing yoga". Sometimes I don't realise how uptight I am or how stressed I have been feeling until the magic of a good old belly has taken place.

Over the past few weeks I have decided to "mix things up a bit" and add more to the load.  I have been doing all my normal stuff, plus taken on some temporary extra days at work and then if this hasn't seen me busy enough, my body has decided to "help me out" by adding a dreaded cold to the mix and it's one that I just can't shake!

The other day while sitting at the pool in a drugged coldral cold and flu haze with my two children busy with swimming lesson along came a good friend of mine with one of her children for a surprised play/pool date.

Both of our daughters are 5 and have started school this year.  Both girls are enjoying school and love learning all that there is to learn.  Each week the girls have a new letter of the alphabet to learn and associate words with.

My dear friend "S" then told me that her daughter Miss K had the letter F this week.   The other night Miss K's grandparents were visiting and she was proudly sitting in the lounge with the whole family filling them in on her day at school and then what the letter of the week was.  Numerous F words were said as an example by the eager 5 yo and then ever so innocently out came the one no-one thinks a 5yo would know............yep the good old "firetruck"!!!!!

F is for F**K  isn't it mummy?,  Yes F**K starts with F doesn't mummy?,  well my dear friend "S" couldn't get any further with her story of horror and mortification in front of her parents in-law because I had fallen into the throws of absolutely cracking up, I was far too busy doing the most uncontrollable belly laughs (remember in a public place too) to hear any more words.  I managed to stop laughing for approximately no more than 5 seconds,  took one look at S and said "damn where has she heard that one before"  and we both started all over again.  I guess to others in the pool we must have looked like a pair of nutters, laughing our heads off and tears running down our faces, but it is one of the best laughs we've ever had.

So thanks go out this week to my dear friend "S"  for a lovely, unexpected but very welcome tension reliever :)