Thursday, 10 July 2014

100 Days of Happiness - Day 3

There is nothing sweeter than childhood innocence and the wonder and awe that goes with it. 

Today my young daughter received an early birthday card in the mail.  When she opened the envelope we could see that it was a nicely decorated, homemade card covered with lots of stickers. I could see that this card had been made by a child and assumed that one of my daughters friends had made the card for her.  We eagerly read the card to see who had sent it to her.  Written inside in sprawling childlike handwriting was the following:  

Dear H

Have a very happy birthday

I hope you get lots of nice presents

Love The Fairy xxx

My daughter, like most young girls adores fairies and was so very excited to receive her own special card from the fairies.   She kept saying to me  "I can't believe the fairies sent me a card" with the biggest smile plastered across her face.

A wonderful, thoughtful card made by one of her kind friends, or who knows maybe it really was the fairies, either way today it made us all happy.