Thursday, 14 August 2014

100 Happy Days - Days 44 - 48

Day 44
Oh Sunday how I love you.  The second day of the weekend - happiness!

Day 45
A caring and thoughtful mother-in-law (Nan).  Today was day one of moving into our new home.  My wonderful mother-in-law, knowing that I would be busy with the move made plans to cook tea for us tomorrow night and also cooked tea for us tonight.

Day 46
Our first meal in our new home, made by Nan and shared around our new dining table.

Day 47
Organising the new house.  It's so much fun getting things in place, decorating and making your new house feel like a home.

Day 48
A huge good morning hug from a work colleague was a fantastic way to start my day.  As I was walking along the corridor to my office, my work colleague Julie was making her way along, she looked up and smiled at me, opened her arms wide and said "come here and start your day with a hug".  It was fantastic! We stopped and chatted for a few moments and then finished off with another hug.....I love hugs, so two in the morning before I'd even started work for the day was bliss, it was also nice to share a peaceful and caring moment with someone I like. I think sometimes we forget to do this.