Wednesday, 20 August 2014

100 Happy Days - Day 50 - 54

Day 50
Today I am happy because it's Day 50 and I'm half way through the challenge.  When I first started the 100 Happy Days Challenge I remembered thinking to myself that 100 days was a lot and I doubted whether or not I would stick to the challenge and make it through the whole 100 days.  Although 50 days is still a distance from the finish line, I am happy that I have made it this far and still going strong.

Day 51
A wonderful compliment made my day.  I have been on the good old "weight loss" journey.  I'm in no hurry and am taking my time, losing bit by bit, nice and steady.  Losing weight is hard and sometimes you can get stuck in a rut and get a little slack.  I have just come off one of those times and have kick started myself back into gear.  Today I received a compliment on how good I was looking.  This compliment was totally unexpected, absolutely lovely and helpful in keeping me positive and focused on my goal.

Day 52
Sharing in a friends good news.  Happiness shared is happiness doubled.

Day 53
A walk in the sunshine and a play at the park with my children.  After a busy day at work, nothing beats fun and happiness with your kids.

Day 54
Tonight whilst standing in my backyard a beautiful parrot flew past.  I actually heard it's loud chirping as it whirred past my head and looked up to see bright red outstretched wings and a blue body swoosh past me.  I love birds, I love their sense of freedom as they soar high up in the sky.  Tonight I stopped and took notice of the parrot and it made me instantly feel relaxed and happy.