Sunday, 31 August 2014

100 Happy Days - Day 63

Today's happiness comes in the form of a two hour yoga session, an early birthday present from my closest friend.

I am a huge fan of yoga and believe strongly in its wonderful benefits for your mind, body and soul.  To date the yoga I have practiced has always been of the more gentle and relaxing nature known as Hatha and these sessions usually last for about an hour.

I have always wanted to try the more vigorous forms of yoga such as Bikram or Vinyasa and tonight I was lucky enough to do so.  The session was also complimented with a live musician who created some wonderful energy and vibrations allowing participants to really "get lost" in their poses and feel everything they needed to feel.

I have to admit I was a little concerned as to whether or not I could last two hours, but I did.  In fact when we finished, both my friend and I couldn't actually believe that it had been two hours.  

I finished the session feeling relaxed, exhausted (the good kind), well and truly stretched and totally reconnected with my "sun salutation".