Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Time Spent with Friends

This week amongst the busy and crazy I have been so lucky to spend some quality time with a few of my closest friends. 

The frenzy of life quite often means that we can take ourselves for granted.  We push ourselves too hard, we forget to take time out for us, to stop, be calm and relax.  I, like most, am guilty of not listening to myself, sometimes I don't stop until its too late, I fall in a heap, I am grumpy, tired and feel terrible.

Late last week I went walking with my BFF, we usually run together every Sunday, but do to my icky injured calf muscle, we are temporarily back to walking.  While walking and talking my friend noted that she was tired, I reflected upon myself and realised that I was starting to feel that way too, my upcoming week at work was going to be huge and just thinking about it made me yawn.  My friend gives a lot of herself to others and I really wanted her to take some time out for herself and relax.  Instantly I hatched a remedy, a morning spent at a local day spa - perfect!

The day before Spa Day I was lucky enough to spend with another close friend who was home from Melbourne.  Over what turned out to be the best milkshakes ever and a walk, where aching backs were discussed, Spa Day was mentioned and another was added to the remedy list.

The day arrived, and off the three of us went.  Our morning was spent lulling about in a beautiful mineral pool set to THE perfect temperature and equipped with "The Worlds Best Tension Killing Jets".   We laughed together, giggled, gossiped, offered advice, talked about dating and all things girly.  It was wonderful and just what we all needed.

After a long and successful soaking, the day only got better with a scrumptious lunch and a little bit of shopping.  I arrived home that afternoon feeling superb, relaxed and mellow, I'm fairly sure my friends did too.

Today I was lucky enough to spend time with another friend.  She lives 3 1/2 hours away and for a couple of days was going to be in a town that was a bit over an hour from where I live.  When talking together on the phone I knew that today was going to be hectic as I had a few commitments, but I decided to go over anyway.  It's been a couple of years since we have seen each other and unfortunately we only had few hours to catch up, but we made the most of the time we had - it was fun.  We ate, we shopped and just enjoyed each others company.  This is a friend who has known me since I was 12.  Friendships of that length are rare and special.  This is a person that has known you since you were a kid!  We giggled at so many things.  Like when I said the word orange.  She giggled and got me to say it again.  Her next words were "OMG you used to say it that exact way when we were at school".   Apparently I pronounce it funny!....hmmm do I?, well I said it again, listened and what do you know, yeah I do! (haha).

Normally my weeks are not rewarded with this much time spent with friends.  Perhaps sometimes I am guilty of not making the time.  This week I am thankful for a well placed long weekend and only working part time.

Oh and the outcome of our first ever successful Spa Day?,  BFF and I have made a solid promise....once a month (we hope) there will be no running, once a month...is Spa Day!

Perhaps you should too   :)