Saturday, 20 April 2013

A Lesson From The Pet

Recently we acquired a new pet.  I had been thinking about a pet for the children for quite some time, but life seemed far too busy, I always had too much on and frankly did not want the extra work.  That all being said we became the new family for a lost kitten.  He's a friendly little thing, tabby with four little white paws and the children have named him Boots

Although the kitten is cute he soon became a source of frustration for me.Whenever Boots needs to use his litter, he doesn't seem happy unless he has dug all the way to china and managed to spread clean litter all over the floor.  Every day I could feel myself becoming more and more frustrated and really impatient with the whole situation.  These are traits of mine that I am not proud to have, they serve no purpose and I never feel happy when I have displayed them. 

So, "how can I turn this around", I found myself asking one day.  The answer was simple really, accept and be happy.   Accept the situation, accept that you have an obsessive little digger, but most of all be happy.  This little kitten is doing EXACTLY what you want, he is using his litter every time, he does not leave accidents anywhere through your house.  Accept his little bit of mess, see the positives in the situation and be happy.

I think this lesson could be used a lot in life!