Friday, 21 March 2014


A few weeks ago a friend reminded me of my very first post and I had to admit that I couldn't remember what I had written about, so this week I re-read it and it got me thinking.  I took time to reflect on my past 12 months, on how much I had taken on and on how  I felt I had grown as a person.
At the time I wrote my first post I had just taken higher responsibilities at work, my youngest had started school, I had just injured my leg and was on crutches and I was busy trying to balance all that I had going on in life.  I thought at the time I was flat out, I compare it to how much I have going on now and immediately a mental picture comes to mind:  Back then I was a juggler competently juggling three balls, with a new ball hovering and about  to enter my calm, rotating circle.  There's a few beads of sweat appearing on my brow and a look of eagerness and determination is spread across my face as I look towards that new ball.   I think forward to me today and "juggling me" now has about 6 orbiting balls, the circle is not always calm, sometimes balls are nearly dropped, but are always recovered just in time.  A new ball appears to be lingering in the background and yet despite all this I still seem to have that same determined and eager look to my face.
I think my mental picture of me is probably true of most people as they grow and develop.  Life is a juggling act, we juggle what we can and once mastered and running smooth, we add more.  Life bumps around and gets mixed up, but we grow and learn to handle it.  What we felt at first was difficult or too hard, becomes balanced and easier.  We learn to juggle it, almost to the point where we can juggle with our eyes closed.  With age comes inner knowledge, inner belief, and a sense of at peace with one's self.  That sense of calm and harmony, if listened to will always allow you to be a masterful juggler, just stop................listen.............breathe.............and be calm xxx